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The predecessor of Building Green Ecological Co., LTD. was established in 1990 and engaged in developing and manufacturing of sanitary sewer plastic products in the early days. Since 1990, Japan, Europe, and the United States have advocated the concept of LID (Low Impact Development), SuDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems) for the issue of the stormwater management.

In recent years due to climate change, high intensity short duration precipitation, storm and drought events occurred frequently and caused serious flooding and drought problems in Taiwan and brought great damage to people safety and severe economy lose. Because of these serious flooding, water polluted and limited drainage system (gray infrastructure) problems make water and ecological environment worse in urban cities. Recent studies show that the water conservation/infiltration system (green infrastructure) can offer effective and increase the stormwater control, retention, attenuation or infiltration ability to decrease the pressure of urban drainage system, protect riverside, pollution control. The concept of sponge city is through integrated soft engineering called green infrastructure (flow control, detention, retention, infiltration) and hard engineering called gray infrastructure (drainage system, dam system etc.) to build a sustainable, resilience and better water environment urban city. Nowadays Taiwan government has already promulgate regulations for the stormwater management from small to large scale development and increasing environmental awareness.

In response to market needs, Building Green Ecological established in 2017 and develops several LID / SuDS / Sponge City products and all are manufactured by recycled PP in Taiwan. These products include Water Harvesting Geocellular, Shallow Water Harvesting Geocellular, Tubular Pervious Paving, Ecological Grass Pervious Paving and Soil Construction Module. Until now, Building Green has over 60 performances from 2012, not only private companies, industrial buildings, hotels, parking lots, ground areas but also public constructions. These are regarded as one of the best way to solve the stormwater problem.

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